Pakistan vs South Africa – Hanged to death

Hello all. We’re back with another sad post about our team’s loss. This time in the ODI series (Yes we realize we’re a week late, but we’ve been busy. And we needed time to get over the loss and actually be able to write about it). I’ve honestly forgotten what it feels like to write a nice, happy, jubilant post. Anyway, I’m not going to go on with a review about the whole series, because that would be way too depressing. Instead, I’ll just go over the top 3 reasons for our loss in my opinion:

  • Our inability to ever manipulate our batting line-up according to the situation. WHY was Hafeez opening in all those matches when he’s clearly having trouble playing Steyn? Why not get Kamran Akmal to open the batting with Jamshed/Farhat, and let Hafeez come at number 3? I don’t know whose decision that was, Misbah or Hafeez, but it was clearly stupid because they were only giving South Africa the opportunity to continue taking that early wicket of ours.
  • Playing with 7 bowlers in every freaking match! 3 fast bowlers, 3 spinners and a part-timer? What are we doing playing with so many bowlers when we know how extremely fragile our batting is? Playing with 5 or 7 bowlers wasn’t going to change the fact that we’d only be able to bowl  50 overs, but replacing one of them with a batsman could have however ensured that we don’t get bowled out all the time. Lesson for next time, hopefully. 
  • Our incredibly annoying defensive tactics. I’d like to do a brain operation on Misbah and instill in his head that YOU CAN’T ALWAYS BE DEFENSIVE! With a team like South Africa, you HAVE to attack because they aren’t the kind of team you can defend a target against. Especially when it’s a measly target at that. Someone PLEASE teach our team some attacking tactics already.

I’m desperately hoping that our team takes some lessons from these matches and does better in the ICC Champions Trophy because they SHOULD be able to reach the semis at least and maintain our qualifying-for-the-semis-in-every-ICC-tournament streak. Meanwhile, we can celebrate that we’ve gotten over this torturous tour and try and move on.


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