Hell could be better

The agony, that was this test series, is finally over and I have just four words to say to you all: HELL COULD BE BETTER!

I don’t think there’s a single part of this series that I ever want to remember, except maybe Saeed Ajmal taking those 10 wickets and Younis Khan standing up to the South Africans. But other than that, nothing. I was hoping that Pakistan would win at least ONE match, but the defeat margins only got higher with each match and we were never even close to a draw, let alone a win. What makes it worse is knowing that your team actually isn’t as bad as they’re making it out to be, and knowing that we actually had the talent and the players to at least put up a convincing fight against the Proteas. But no, why would our team give us the satisfaction of doing well in two series in a row (the India-Pak ODI series being the first) because then we wouldn’t be the unpredictable Pakistani team, would we?

The most disappointing part of this series? Our team’s lack of motivation to fight. AT ALL. I mean did you see their body language? It was like none of them even wanted to win, or even play at that. They’d given up even before trying. No one seemed even the slightest bit motivated, or excited, or sad, or angry, or disappointed, or ANYTHING for that matter. They all just looked bored and completely carefree. Really puzzling attitude, I must say. A lot of people on Twitter also claimed that there was some rift between Misbah and Hafeez throughout the series. That is why Misbah didn’t let him bowl at all. It could be true, it could be false (although I very much suspect that it IS true), but the fact remains the same – we’ve lost.

Also, I really REALLY wish I could give Misbah a piece of my mind. FOR WHAT GOD FORSAKEN REASON WAS HE NOT BOWLING HAFEEZ?! I know Saeed Ajmal is your main bowler and all, but Hafeez IS a highly ranked spinner as well who took all of five wickets in the first test and then you hardly let him bowl? Saeed Ajmal could only do so much and all he needed was some support from the other end, but no Misbah would not have it that way. Instead, he would make it even easier for the South Africans by allowing them to put up impossible targets for us that would pressurize us so much that we’d lose five wickets in 20 minutes. Even Younis must’ve bowled more than Hafeez in those last two tests. Someone really needs to have a talk with the guy and nicely spell out to him that defensive tactics do not win you matches! You need to be able to attack! I swear his stupid nonsensical defensive logics annoy the hell out of me!  He saw how having an attacking approach (thanks to the new ODI rules) helped during the series against India, so why on earth wouldn’t you learn from that and ATTACK?!

A consolation prize would be Hashim Amla’s comment about Pakistan being South Africa’s “toughest competition at home in a long while” after we were SO close to a win in the second Test.

Oh well, at least this series is finally over and we hope for better for the T20 and ODI series. God help us. Please. I can’t take any more heart-attacks.

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