Cape Town horrors

“NOOOOOOOO,” was my first reaction when I heard the news of Junaid Khan being dropped for the second Test. As it is, Pakistan was, for want of a better word, tortured in the first Test and the only bowler who seemed to scare the Proteas (even if in bits and pieces) is now sitting out with an injured thigh. 

Tomorrow also happens to be Valentine’s Day and all I was looking forward to was a good game (by which I mean us on top of South Africa) but I guess I need to think of happier substitutes. It’s so annoying when my day is ruined because of a match. So annoying that the positivity of my day is directly proportional to our team’s performance. 

To preview this match, there is only this much I can say: It can’t get any worse than 49 all-out. 

I am really looking forward to see Mohammad Irfan play. He may not be as good as Junaid, but he can definitely be threatening (or so I hope him to be). If they are playing Abdur Rehman, I am expecting impossible miracles from him too. He has always been useful when given a chance and I’m positive (well not really) that he can do some real damage. Although I strongly believe Rahat Ali needs to be groomed further, the South Africa series is just not the right platform to do so. Right now all that matters is a DAMN win.

What can I say about South Africa? No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to find a flaw in that team. Deadly bowling, unbelievably reliable batting and unmatchable fielding. I’m not jealous. I’m not jealous.

I just hope they choke. 


2 thoughts on “Cape Town horrors

  1. Eagerbrad says:

    We have one huge flaw – facing quality spin bowling. Your team’s underbowling of Hafeez was torturous to watch.

    • girlslovecricket says:

      This question will be etched in our hearts forever. “Why didn’t Misbah bowl Hafeez along with Ajmal?”
      Hafeez bowled only TWO overs in South Africa’s second innings. TWO. OVERS. ONLY.

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